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A parent collaborative community coached and facilitated by health experts

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Removing boundaries and empowering today's parents with professional guidance

You Have A Village is a virtual community featuring anonymous peer support groups, expert moderators, and classes with parent coaches. Our website offers reliable and up-to-date mental health information and resources, as well as curated content for users.

Professionally Guided

You Have A Village groups and support chats will be professionally guided by our co-founder Dr. Erina White and a team. Dr. White has over 20 years of therapeutic experience with children and families, holds faculty appointments at Harvard Medical School and the University of New Hampshire, and has been featured in several leading parent and child publications.


Remain anonymous in our virtual platform. YHAV preserves a high level of confidentiality, and our real-time clinical moderators ensure safety and expertise. 

On Your Own Time

We offer support groups at various times throughout the day and night to adapt to your schedule. Reach out for real-time support in our anonymous and expert-moderated chat room. Come learn and feel connected from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Parent Community

Join Our Village

We are here to support all parents, some have children with diagnoses others are just trying to be the best parents that they can be. Villagers participate in weekly groups moderated by experts, on-going real-time chat support, and members- only webinars and resources. The space is moderated by mental health professionals. To join the community and take the steps to get support right away, sign up below.


“This is a fabulous resource you can use from the comfort of your home! Get a Village - learn you are not alone and help exists.” 

—  Villager

Virtual Village


Drop-in Hours


Join our online groups and lectures professionally guided on emotional regulation, school avoidance, anxiety, tantrums and more. For a sneak peek of our groups, click here:

Feeling alone? Connect with peers and receive support during our drop-in hours. 

Access new interventions, clinical techniques and cutting-edge mental health resources for parents and children.

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