Meet the Creators

Christina Gentile

A lawyer with a Master's in education, Christina with two decades of experience in working with government agencies in Massachusetts to ensure that students with special needs receive the services and support they deserve. She has helped transform the lives of thousands of families by expanding access to and improving the quality of special education programming. She is a proud mom and a lover of all things fitness.

Erina White

With advanced degrees in social work and public health, Dr. Erina White is a therapist, researcher, and start-up founder who develops mental health strategies for the digital age. She is on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and the University of New Hampshire and conducts research at Boston Children’s Hospital. Erina has experience building teams of mental health experts to offer guidance to parents around the world whose children struggle with mental illness. Erina is mom to a 7-year-old and competes in equestrian tournaments.

Suzanne Nystrom

Suzanne has a masters in clinical mental health and work with families and children managing mental health and self regulation struggles. She is also certified in perinatal mental health and child sleep management.  Suzanne works with families who are struggling through the perinatal stage of life including postpartum depression, anxiety and child sleep challenges. She uses various techniques to give families skills during challenging stages of parenting.

Madison Fadley

Madison is a recent graduate of High Point University with a BSBA in Marketing and am pursuing a Masters in Communication and Business Leadership this fall. She is from Maine but spends many weeks abroad in Denmark each year and is moving to NYC this fall. She loves working with small businesses to brand themselves to their fullest potential through social strategy, content creation, and website design.

 Matt is a rising sophomore at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, but grew up in Massachusetts. He plans on studying communications and psychology. He loves reading, writing, and watching tv/movies in his free time. Finally, he has two cats named Chai and Puff.

Sophie is a Pre-Med and Psychology student at UMass Lowell. She is planning to pursue Psychiatry to show compassion to those in need of support, and to form close relationships with patients. Outside of school she also enjoys hiking, kayaking, and working as a gymnastics instructor.

Sophie Beauparlant

Emma is a graduate student at the University of New Hampshire getting her masters in social work. She is passionate about mental health especially among the LGBTQ+ population, and hopes to do work in that sector after she graduates next May. She is also a local musician and loves to use music to help other people and for her own self care.

Annelise Gawlak

Annelise is a graduate student at the University of New Hampshire in the Advanced Standing MSW program. She is interested in many areas in social work including working with children and families and mental health. Outside of school she is a long-distance runner and enjoys exploring new places to walk/run.

Alicia Ross

Alicia is an incoming senior at Boston College majoring in psychology and minoring in English. She is passionate about ending the stigma surrounding mental health and normalizing seeking help. Through BC, she is an ESOL tutor, a Big Sister, and a writer for a food publication called Gusto Journal.

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