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Autism and Your Marriage

By: Emma Morrissey

Relationship Strains and a Foundation to Strength in Partnership

  • Change of household dynamic

  • Balance of attention between child and spouse.

  • Disruptive behaviors

  • Financial strain

  • Acceptance of Diagnosis

Unfortunately, inaccurate data that has swept through social media, suggesting that 80% of marriage end in divorce, when they have a child with ASD. There is research that show’s a higher risk for divorce between couples with a child with ASD, but differs only by less than 10%.

Communicate, Collaborate, Delegate

Having a child with autism can bring strength to a marriage. For many couples, it forces change in the household dynamic that was already needed such as communication. When new challenges are presented, it is an opportunity to rewrite the standard. This may include deligating tasks for maintaining the home, or, collaborating on the child’s care and education plan. In a study about marriage strength when raising children with autism, men and women shared the key factors that allowed them to feel valued as a partner and supported.


As parents and caregivers, our needs take the back burner when it comes to prioritizing our children’s needs. Many of the challenges that couples face while trying to be effective parents is that their individual needs are not being met, and in turn they are unable to meet their partner’s needs and expectations within the relationship. Knowledge is the most powerful tool that an individual and couple can have. knowledge of their child, of themself, of their partner and of the family dynamic. Knowing that there is a problem, knowing that your needs aren’t being met and knowing that something needs to change, is the first step to developing successful foundation for strength and partnership.


  • Communication

  • Care and Love

  • Foundational Expectations, faith, desire to break toxic familial cycles, financial planning

  • Quality Time Together

  • Caring For Self, individual hobbies, self-care, therapy

  • Encouragement

  • Commitment

  • Teamwork

  • Maintain Strong Family Values and Traditions


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