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You Have A Village is a virtual community featuring anonymous peer support groups, expert moderators, and classes with parent coaches. Our website offers reliable and up-to-date mental health information and resources, as well as curated content for users.


Our mission is to revolutionize the mental health space by creating a digital one-stop-shop for families seeking resources and support for children with mental health needs.


  • Help parents and children access support and resources. 

  • Reduce mental health stigma

  • Offer innovative mental health solutions



You Have A Village is open to new ideas and strives to share the most up-to-date information and expertise. We aim to strike a balance between various perspectives. We want users to feel supported, cared for and held. 

I am excited to address families’ mental health needs with emerging technology that connects parents from around the world and provides anonymity, connection and mental health expertise.

Erina White

I’d like to empower families and kids. You can feel incredibly powerless when you have a child—and are a child!—with mental health challenges, and that’s a scary feeling. You’re grieving, and that needs to be acknowledged.

Christina Gentile

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