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Village Membership


every month

Parent support anonymously and from anywhere.

30 minute initial call

Weekly group

Unlimited anonymous community support

Access to webinars and resources

30 day money back guarantee*

What do you get?

A one-on-one 30 min discussion via Zoom or phone with a YHAV coach to assist in group selection and individually tailor your experience.



One weekly anonymous group moderated by a YHAV parent coach with clinical or parent expertise.  Choose between an on-going support group with the same parents each week, or pick a variety of educational groups based on different topics such as: how to support your child with anxiety, navigating outbursts, etc.


On-demand, readily accessible real-time anonymous chat group moderated by a YHAV parent coach with clinical or parent expertise.  Parents told us that they want IN THE MOMENT support when they are struggling with a child melt down or a parenting fail. And we listened.  Feel free to post to our own private anonymous chat group at any time day or night.  YHAV parent coaches will be available to facilitate and moderate conversations Monday - Friday between the hours of 8am-midnight EST.

On-going webinars, resources, meditations, self-care activities and parent support. Our team of clinical and parent experts curate current research and intervention content on a regular basis.  We present on various topics and create resources to meet your needs.


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