Webinar Series

Building Confidence through Sports

April 13th 8:30 PM

From backyard play to structured sports, this webinar will explore how family dynamics can impact a child’s growth and development. We will touch on issues of access, balancing time, and finding ways to be active outside of organized sports.

Strategies to help your child manage overwhelming emotions

April 28th 8:30 PM

Does your child struggle with meltdowns, tantrums and outbursts? Is your family held hostage by your kids’ big emotions? If so, you are not alone; many kids are struggling with transitions- particularly in these pandemic times! Please come join us to learn how to help your child learn how to take control of their overwhelming feelings.

How to ask for help if you think your child needs extra support at school

May 3rd 8:30 PM

Do you worry that your child may have a diagnosis, disability, or need an IEP/504 plan? Do you fear that they have fallen even further behind in the pandemic? This webinar will give practical tips as to what to look for and how to get help. 

Bridging the Learning Gap Over the Summer 

May 25th 8:30 PM

Are you wondering how you can help your child if they have fallen behind this year academically? This webinar will talk about summer services offered by schools, and will give you creative ideas to engage your child in academics over the summer.    

Utilize Your Pet to Improve Emotional Regulation

June 2nd 8:30 PM

Are you noticing how much your children love their pets? Are you wondering how owning a pet might help with your child’s anxiety, anger, outbursts, and/or meltdowns? Come learn the benefits of having a family pet and how pets can improve your child’s emotional regulation.

Navigating sibling dynamics over the summer break

June 16th 8:30 PM

Do you worry that your children do not get along? Do they struggle with meltdowns, outbursts, physical altercations and yelling? Is your family held hostage by one sibling’s big emotions? If so, you are not alone; many families struggle with sibling dynamics! Please come join us to learn how to set limits, provide boundaries and help your children improve their relationships.

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