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Voices of our Village

I do not have time for therapy and I am not 100% ok with therapy. I think I like the group meetings better than just me and one other person. The avatar situation is unique. I learned a lot from the conversation. I purchased one of the books that another villager recommended.

 I would recommend this platform to a parent looking for an online community of other parents.

 This is a nice way to feel you’re not alone and get some practical advice to help at home.

It is a great resource for parents who need a boost and some positive feedback.

I enjoyed the community of people and sharing experiences together. I think it’s really helpful for parents to hear from others who are struggling with similar issues.

It is a nice way to connect, vent, troubleshoot, etc., normal parenting issues from home or in a similarly private/confidential way.

Discussion with other parents- finding that many things I’m experiencing seem to be normal, or at least being experienced by others!

Easy flow of conversation, I was part of some great discussions!

The shared experiences and commonality I really enjoyed the presentation about de-escalating emotions. I was happy to learn about specific strategies to try. And I do like that I had the chance to discuss the topic openly in a prior session first. I also enjoyed the sibling discussion and look forward to more.

Having the opportunity to vent and share experiences with other parents was great! I also enjoyed the pandemic parenting presentation.

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