Meet the Founders

Erina White

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With advanced degrees in social work and public health, Dr. Erina White is a therapist, researcher, and start-up founder who develops mental health strategies for the digital age. Erina has expertise in family-cased crisis intervention. She is on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and the University of New Hampshire and conducts research at Boston Children’s Hospital. Erina has experience building teams of mental health experts to offer guidance to parents around the world whose children struggle with mental illness. Erina is mom to a 7-year-old and competes in equestrian tournaments.

Christina Gentile

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A lawyer with a Master's in education, Christina with two decades of experience in working with government agencies in Massachusetts to ensure that students with special needs receive the services and support they deserve. She has helped transform the lives of thousands of families by expanding access to and improving the quality of special education programming. She is a proud mom and a lover of all things fitness.

The Secret Sauce

Courtney Gabrus

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Courtney is completing her Masters in Social Work from UNH.  She is certified in Animal Assisted Therapy and is training her Border Collie, Tilly, to become a therapy dog to work as a team once she graduates.  You will find Courtney managing some of our social media as well.  

Cory McArdle


Cory is completing his Masters in Social Work from UNH. He is passionate about the outdoors and believes that nature and physical activity can be healing. Cory is a divorced father with a 6-year old boy and has personal experience with blended families. He currently lives with his significant other and her 4-year-old daughter. He has experience working in community mental health and behavioral support for individuals with ASD and ID/DD. 

Carey Snide

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Carey is completing her Masters of Social Work from UNH.  She has been serving children and families for almost 20 years; ranging from early education to adult education. Her current role, working with parents whose children are in foster care, aims at helping parents develop safe and developmentally appropriate parenting skills.

Carey is also a mother to two teenage boys and the proud aunt to 20 nieces and nephews. Carey’s favorite things to do is make messes with them and build memories.

Madison Fadley


Madison is a recent graduate of High Point University with a BSBA in Marketing and am pursuing a Masters in Communication and Business Leadership this fall. She is from Maine but spends many weeks abroad in Denmark each year and is moving to NYC this fall. She loves working with small businesses to brand themselves to their fullest potential through social strategy, content creation, and website design.

Janelle Woodfall

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Janelle has a Masters in Business Administration and joined the YHAV team after participating in the pilot as a parent. She felt so passionately about YHAV that she asked how she could help build the community to share with other parents. After spending years in marketing and development of new products in technical industries, Janelle now enjoys building collaborative empowerment communities. She is a proud mom, volunteer soccer coach, and lover of fresh air adventures.

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