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How we can help parents and caregivers outside of school hours

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Meet Christina!

A lawyer with a Master's in education, Christina with two decades of experience in working with government agencies in Massachusetts to ensure that students with special needs receive the services and support they deserve. She has helped transform the lives of thousands of families by expanding access to and improving the quality of special education programming. She is a proud mom and a lover of all things fitness.

  • Ongoing, consistent weekly professionally-led coaching groups specific to child’s needs such as de-escalating big emotions and anxiety

  • Real time, professionally moderated chat forums available to access 24/7 for parents to ask questions, connect with each other, and view archived content

  • Co-founded by experts Dr. Erina White, renowned child behavior therapist and researcher with advanced degrees in social work and public health and Dr. Christina Gentile, Attorney with a Masters in Education

Learn more about our specific groups here!

​We know families are increasingly needing support for their child outside of school hours. If you have parents reaching out for additional support, here are some ways You Have a Village can support families:

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